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Industry news                                                                           PLASTIC PIPES 2018

         SIBUR BRING




             IBUR has moved the  launch of the  ZapSibNeftekhim   of ethylene, nearly 500,000 tonnes of propylene and 100,000 tonnes of
         S petrochemical complex from 2020 to 2019, Dmitriy Konov, CEO   butane-butylene fraction per year, as well as production units for
          of SIBUR, announced to RIA Novosti at the Davos World Economic   various grades of polyethylene and polypropylene with a combined
          Forum.                                              annual production capacity of 2 million tonnes.
            According  to Mr. Konov, ZapSibNeftekhim  will  be launched   Investment into the construction of the ZapSibNeftekhim facilities
          in  2019.  The company had  previously  reported a planned   is estimated at 9.5 billion dollars which includes 4.45 billion dollars
          commissioning for 2020.                             invested  from  SIBUR’s  own funds,  3.3 billion  dollars from  the
            The ZapSibNeftekhim Petrochemical Complex project stipulates the   Russian Fund for direct investments, co-investors and banks, and
          construction of a pyrolysis unit with the capacity of 1.5 million tonnes   1.75 billion dollars from the National Wealth Fund.

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