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PLASTIC PIPES 2018                                                                   Industry news




             Source: SIBUR

                ollowing the fourth ZapSibNeftekhim construction site audit   at the project facilities,  and the feedback and communication
             F for  environment protection,  work safety and social  aspects,   between Tobolsk residents and the contractor companies.
             it  has been concluded  that  the project complies with  Russian   An  independent audit  during the construction  stage of the
             Environment  Legislation  and fully meets  the  International   project has been conducted every 6 months since May 2015 and
             Environmental  and  Social  Standards.  The audit  was conducted   includes integrated  controls  of all environmental and health
             by Ramboll Environ, an Independent International  Consulting   impact factors as well as social aspects of project management.
             Company.                                            After the launch of ZapSibNeftekhim  independent audits  will
               In the Ramboll Environ report, ZapSibNeftkhim’s  project   take place annually. Ramboll Environ will provide environmental
             activities  in  construction  and  HSE  management were highly   control of the operating facilities until 2029.
             praised.                                              SIBUR’s Ecology Service designed and implemented the
               The project’s lending banks (ING Bank and Credit Agricole) and   Programme for Environment control according to the company’s
             export credit agencies (Coface and Euler Hermes) also took part   ecology policy. It stipulates constant monitoring of the air quality,
             in the audit.  The auditors particularly noted the high  quality  of   noise levels, potable water quality, and biodiversity control of the
             construction works at the site, the high level of health and safety   territory adjacent to the construction site.

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