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PLASTIC PIPES 2018                                                                          Content

            INDUSTRY NEWS

            6   SIBUR bring forward            19  POLYPLASTIC Group receives
                ZapSibNeftekhim launch             historic pipe sample

                                               21  Production of TALIS valves
            10  Housing and utility innovation in   launched in Russia            46
                the Khabarovsk Region
                                               30  Klimovsk Pipe Plant: 15
                                                   years of excellence
            16  Underground networks are
                being renovated as part of My   34  LEGO made of plastic pipes                    60
                Street Programme                   at the Science Festival


            36  POLYPLASTIC pipe division      45  Growing risk of bad
                meeting 2016 results               quality PE pipes               16              80
            38  Market-2016: the               46  All or nothing – market
                fight for survival                 challenges and solutions

            42  Russian PE 80 pipes and fittings   50  The Pipeline Systems
                made from non-existent raw         Manufacturers Association:
                material                           goals, tasks and first steps

            52  Analysis of time-temperature   62  Strength calculations for
                profiles of district heating networks   pipes with structured walls
                and new application classes for
                plastic pipes in Russia        66  Performance assessment of
                                                   materials for the wear-resistant
                                                   layer of slurry plastic pipelines
            60  Brand new CORSYS PROTECT
                pipe system                    70  ELECTROPIPE FR pipes
                                                   granted ‘Register Pojtest’ fire
            61  POLYPLASTIC Group                  safety certificate
                presents innovative local      71  MULTITERM of large diameter–
                waste treatment units              a new horizon for PE pipes
                                                                                  34                       50

            72  CORSYS PLUS pipes used in recon-  76  Pilot projects for CORSYS
                struction of filtrate conduits at Ru-  PROTECT pipes in Moscow
                blevskaya Water Treatment Station
                                               78  Trenchless renovation of
            74  PE tanks for clean water storage   water networks in Moscow

            75  POLYLINER in the historic      80  CORSYS ARM and
                centre of Moscow                   Leonardo da Vinci              75

            industry information and analytical digest
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