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          Industry information and analytical digest

          Publishing house PLASTIC Ltd.
          Miron Gorilovskiy
          Deputy Editor-in-Chief:
          Alexander Sazonov
          Project Manager:
          Mikhail Burenko
          Art Director:
          Rustam Usmanov
          Layout & Design:
          Illarion Kutuzov                              Dear Colleagues,
          Production Editor:
          Alexander Sazonov
          Editorial Board:                              It is our pleasure to present to you our annual Plastic Pipes Digest in
          Kirill Trusov,                                English focusing on major events, problems and trends of the Russian
          Yekaterina Krivosheina,
          Translation:                                  plastic pipes industry in 2017. This has been a year of stability for the
          Albina Koshmambetova                          Russian market: stability of demand, oil prices, rouble – major factors
                                                        defining the state of the industry and economy as a whole. Although
                                                        the demand level is still rather weak, such equilibrium is still better
          Address:                                      than the collapse of 2014–2015 and slow decline in 2016.
          18, Ochakovskoye Shosse,                        Stability after crisis is usually evidence of impending growth. The
          Moscow 119530 Russia
          Tel. +7 (495) 745 6857 ext. 3125              business becomes more future-oriented with clear signs of revitalised
          E-mail:      investment, mainly from domestic investors. Hopes are rising with the
          Circulation: 2000                             development of the petrochemical projects: enhanced construction
                                                        of  ZapSibNeftekhim  (SIBUR),  Amur  gas  refinery  (Gazprom),
                                                        reconstruction  of Stavrolen in Budennovsk  (LUKOIL),  planned
          Editorial Council:                            modernisation  of Kazanorgsintez and  Nizhnekamskneftekhim.
          Miron Gorilovskiy                             Such projects, as a rule, have a long payback period, therefore their
          President of POLYPLASTIC Group
                                                        revival confirms that large companies in Russia have expectations
          Igor Gvozdev                                  for a steady economic growth. Moreover, every project of this kind is
          Director of PLASTIC R&D Center                a large consumer of plastic pipe produce and boosts the total volume
          Vladislav Kovriga                             of  pipe  market. Finally, implementation  of  some of  these  projects
          Director of R&D Department of Zavod AND       will lead to raw material deficit reduction, which will decrease the
          Gaztrubplast                                  dependence of  our  industry on import and create conditions  for
                                                        further growth.
          Oleg Morozov                                    Despite the lack of large infrastructure projects in 2017, the plastic
          Director General of VNIIST Institute
                                                        pipes  industry  in Russia has been  developing.  New  products were
          Viktor Semenov                                created, new sectors of application were adopted, including industrial
          Director General of                           projects. Some of these innovations (various  types  of  MULTIPIPE,
          VNIPIenergoprom Association                   ELECTROPIPE, CORSYS PROTECT etc) have already proved their
          Yuriy Tabunschikov                            efficiency in action.
          President of Russian Association of Engineers   The New Year will show if our expectations for market revival come
          for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Heat   true. We will all have to work hard and our magazine will continue to
          Supply and Building Thermal Physics (ABOK)    provide coverage of important events, problems and industry trends.

          Alexander Shmelev
          Deputy Director General                       Miron Gorilovskiy,
          of POLYMERTEPLO Group                         Editor-in-chief
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