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PLASTIC PIPES 2018                                                                   Industry news

            THE TYUMEN WATER

            PIPELINE HAS

            UNDERGONE OVER 700

            REPAIRS IN 2016


                he maintenance team of Tuymen Vodokanal conducted over   Courses for welding plastic pipes were established in Tyumen
            T 700 emergency repairs last year. Most of the problems were   over a year ago. Trainees are taught all aspects of installation as
            caused by old pipes reaching the end of their operating life, one   well as distinguishing high quality pipes from counterfeit products.
            in ten emergencies struck recently laid plastic pipes which were   ‘This  year  we held  training  for  all  municipal  units  in  the
            supposed to have performed flawlessly for nearly 50 years.  Tyumen Region  together with  the Department of  Housing and
               ‘We deal with the counterfeit pipes, i.e. the pipes get fracture at   Public Utilities. We are also planning training at Head Office for the
            the pipe joints or longitudinal cracks. Rosvodokonal had conducted a   Construction of Tyumen Region’, said Alexander Pivtorak, Director
            centralised purchase and we receive the plastic pipes from the plant’,   of the Western Siberia Branch of POLYPLASTIC Ural.
            clarified Andrei Maksimov, Chief Engineer of Tyumen Vodokanal.  The Tyumen Vodokanal employees have now completed their
               They currently have 40% steel, 40% polyethylene and 20% cast iron pipes.  training and know how to conduct high quality pipe installation
               The ratio of plastic pipes  is growing.  Modern  technologies   and  how  to  respond  to  emergencies promptly.  The company
            simplify pipeline construction and mostly do not require excavation   intends to improve workmanship quality and services as well as
            works, however a key requirement is the correct installation.  continue further development.





             Press-service of POLYPLASTIC Group

                 aving  entered the Russian Union of   The Russian Union  of Industrialists   engineering, investments  and banking,
            H Industrialists  and  Entrepreneurs,  and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) is an All-Russia   defence  industry,  construction,  chemical
            POLYPLASTIC Group has  the  goal  of   organisation  promoting the interests  of   production,  consumer and food,  and the
            making the members of the Union aware   business  circles  in Russia and abroad.   services sector.
            of the  key  problems for pipeline  systems   It unites thousands of  Russia’s  largest   The main goal of RSPP is the consolidation
            and to form an industrial technical policy   companies – industrial, scientific, financial   of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Russia for
            in sewerage, water and heating supply. The   and commercial  – in  all  the regions  of   the improvement the business environment,
            formation of a technical  policy will  boost   Russia.  RSPP is made  up of  over 100   improvement of Russian business status in
            the  development of business  until 2030   industrial and regional unions representing   the country and on the world stage, and to
            and promote annual growth of industrial   the key sectors of  the economy across   support the balance between society, power and
            production in the Russian Federation.   Russia including fuel and energy complex,   business.

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