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Industry news                                                                           PLASTIC PIPES 2018





          Press-service of POLYPLASTIC Group

             OLYPLASTIC Group and Moscow Technological University signed   • Creation of students’ design bureaus.
         P a strategic partnership agreement in the beginning of 2017.   The main evaluation criteria for the joint activity are as follows:
            The aim of the partnership is to ensure top quality professional   • Quality of the educational programmes for training specialists;
          training  of  specialists based on  the consolidation  of  intellectual   • Involvement of POLYPLASTIC Group’s employees in the teaching
          potential,  materials,  finance  and  corporate  resources  of  the   process;
          partners.                                            •  The number of young specialists employed by the POLYPLASTIC Group;
            The Agreement stipulates the following:            • The number of university students passing a pre-degree internship
           • Creation of a department (educational and scientific laboratory) for   and/or undertaking design research at POLYPLASTIC Group.
          advanced training of students in Chemical Engineering;  This Agreement is very important for POLYPLASTIC Group as it
           •  Equipment  for  educational  and  scientific  (topical)  laboratories   brings young specialists into the plastic pipes sector, and facilitates
          and centres for the provision of academic activities, and the   the development of the products and widespread deployment of
          implementation of research and development;         plastic pipeline systems.




          A BPF Pipes Group press release

             erek Muckle, Radius  Systems’ Director of Innovation  &   on  from  the revised  WIS  4-32-08  standard  for  fusion  jointing
         D Technology has been appointed BPF Pipes Group President,   PE80 and PE100 pressure pipeline systems. He has over 25 years’
          taking over from retiring President Chris King of Wavin.  experience in the sector, developing plastic pipes and fittings for
            The appointment has a two-year tenure, and Derek is keen to get   successful operation in the water, wastewater and gas industries.
          started in his new role, commenting: “The BPF Pipes Group has a   Richard Hill from ACO Technologies has been appointed Vice-
          tremendous record in developing and raising standards in the utilities and   President of the BPF Pipes Group, also with a two-year tenure.
          construction industries, and I want to see more recognition for the work   Radius Systems are a member of the British Plastics Federation
          done highlighting and sharing best practice knowledge on plastic pipes   (BPF)  Pipes Group, the leading  trade  association  representing
          in all of these areas, from large and small diameter utility applications to   manufacturers and material suppliers of plastic piping systems in
          above and below ground heating, plumbing and stormwater alleviation.   the United Kingdom.
          Sharing knowledge with a broad range of end users and those at the
          cutting edge will help speed up the adoption of new innovations.”  The British Plastics Federation (BPF) Pipes Group is the leading
            Derek was recently closely involved  with  the new guidance   trade federation of the UK plastics pipes industry and a member of the
          document from the BPF Pipes Group on fusion jointing, following   European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA).

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