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          AND UTILITY




          By Marina Kuzmenko

              delegation of representatives from The Fund for Promoting   During the visit, guests were shown the full range of products
         A Housing and Utility Reform, and the leaders of Khabarovsk   and technologies produced by POLYPLASTIC Group including pipes
          Territory, visited Khabarovsk Pipe Plant on 20 February 2017. The   for various applications, fittings, plastic manholes and vessels and
          meeting was part of a visit by Konstantin Tsitsin, Head of the Fund,   trenchless pipeline renovation. Guests also learned about various
          to the Far East regions.                            projects for gas distribution, heating and water supply, and sewer
            The General Director of the Fund for Promoting Housing and   pipeline construction in Khabarovsk Region which POLYPLASTIC
          Utility Reform was accompanied by Mr. Anatoly Litvinchuk, Deputy   Siberia, part of the Group, were bidding for.
          Chairman of the Territory Government, Fuel and Energy Complex   ‘This is a new  enterprise  for the  Far East,  but we  know this
          and Housing and Utility,  Dariy Tyurin, Minister  of Housing and   company  very well.  One of  the goals  of  the Housing  and  Utility
          Utility in Khabarovsk Territory, and other officials.  Reform is to attract new investments and technologies, primarily
            Khabarovsk Pipe Plant is a new enterprise, the latest plant to be   those that are energy efficient and innovative. The company has
          established by POLYPLASTIC Group and is based at the Rakitnoye   here shown an example of how it can be applied in Housing and
          site of  the Khabarovsk Special  Economic  Zone. POLYPLASTIC   Utility Sector’, said the Head of the Fund.
          Group  invested 247M roubles in construction  of the plant and   The POLYPLASTIC Siberia order portfolio shows high demand
          plans to invest a further 150M roubles between now and 2018. The   for the new plant’s products in the region. Its products have been
          plant produced its first product run in August 2016.  chosen for  one of  the largest projects in  the region.  This  is the
            Currently, the plant has five production lines producing plastic   construction of new 1600 mm diameter, 3.7 km sewer pipeline in
          pipes  for  water supply, gas distribution  and water disposal.  The   Komsomolsk-on-Amur which is expected to be completed in 2017.
          plant is expected to be operating at full capacity by 2018.  There are also concession projects  in the Khabarovsk  Territory
            A total  of 6 hectares of  production  and  warehouse  premises   including the construction and renovation of sewer networks in
          will be operational  on completion.  The plant currently employs   Pereyaslavka Village, the administrative centre of the region named
          58 people and plans to hire another 130 people over the coming   after Lazo. This will require the purchase of over 6.3 km of pressure
          months.                                             pipes and nearly 2.7 km of non-pressure polyethylene pipes. The
            At the beginning of 2017, Khabarovsk Pipe Plant was included in   modern, reliable and durable products made at Khabarovsk Pipe
          the list of the Most Significant Business-Projects in the Khabarovsk   Plant fully comply with the strictest requirements and meet the
          Territory.                                          need for the most effective technologies.

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