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Industry news                                                                           PLASTIC PIPES 2018

          YURY TRUTNEV




             ury Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister and Presidential Envoy to the   support systems of cities and villages, industries and agriculture,”
         Y Far Eastern Federal District, appraised the projects development at   said Vladimir Melnikov.
          Khabarovsk Special Economic Zone during his visit to the Khabarovsk   There are currently 5  companies operating in Khabarovsk
          Region and visited the new POLYPLASTIC Group plastic pipe plant.   Special  Economic Zone producing  a wide  range  of  goods,  from
            An investment of up to 1.5 billion roubles is being made over   vegetables  to  construction  materials  and  filters  for  cars.  There
          a  10-year  period.  According  to  Vladimir  Melnikov, Director  of   are 16 projects ready to be deployed. There were 49 applications
          Khabarovsk  Branch,  POLYPLASTIC Group was  granted  resident   for operation in the Khabarovsk Special Economic Zone – resident
          status in Spring 2016 and immediately  began work on the new   status was granted to 22 companies.
          plant. It has since begun production of test batches of pipes which
          are already in great demand in the local market.    Note:
            “We have been working for 25 years. Considering the shift of
          the construction activity centre to the Khabarovsk and Primorsky   Khabarovsk  Pipe  Plant  was  included  in  the  list  of  significant
          Territories, we  took the decision  to expand our  operations.  We   business  projects of the Region  upon the instructions  of the
          are planning a gradual capacity increase at the Khabarovsk site,   Governor.  Mr.  Y.  Chaika,  The First Deputy Prime Minister  of
          deploying production of pressure pipes for water and gas pipelines,   Investment, Territory and Industrial Policy, had been appointed the
          non-pressure pipes for sewers and other products used for the life   Supervisor of the Project.

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