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Industry news                                                       PLASTIC PIPES 2017


I n 2016 business collaboration between TALIS Group and               adjustment to Russian strategic policy on import substitution.”
    POLYPLASTIC Group in Russia going to achieve new level of             The CEO of POLYPLASTIC Group Miron Gorilovskiy:
strategic partnership with launching service centre and valves
production line.                                                      “POLYPLASTIC has long term experience in localization of
                                                                      production of high demanded on the Russian market import
    As a first step it is planned to launch production line of most   products. Though, up to now this experience covered only polymer
demanded product group – resilient seated gate valves of latest       pipes and fittings, our cooperation with TALIS Group in supply
design launched on the market in 2014. This design merge up-to-       of isolation and control valves turned out to be very successful
date requirements and edge cutting trends in valves industry as       and we are interested in diversification of the group production
well as several patented design solutions.                            potential and strengthening our positions on the valves market.”

    The after sales service centre is going to be based on capacious      Localization of production is not only about cost reduction
production facilities of POLYPLASTIC Group and will enable            over import duties and improving delivery time, this is expansion
service maintenance and replacement of wearing parts and              of manufacturing capacity and improving adaptability of the
troubleshooting.                                                      products to the reality of Russian market.

    The CEO of TALIS Management Holding Dr. Ansgar Nonn                   This strategic alliance of two groups is aimed on building new
comments on plans of expansion in Russia: "We have been               level of long term relationships with waterworks in Russia and CIS.
working on the Russian market over 15 years and consider it as
one of the most promising markets despite of changing economic            Nowadays when not only brand name, price and quality
background. Our plans on service centre and production in Russia      predetermine the choice of suppler, but delivery time and utmost
aimed on improving after sales service for our end-clients and        applicability to market requirements, high end foreign products
                                                                      produced in Russia are in great demand in the territory of Russia.

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