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PLASTIC PIPES 2017                                                                      Industry news

QUALITY PIPES                                  A commercial company installed pipes            The company providing the works
                                                   unsuitable for use during emergency  installed the pipes they produced for the total
                                            renovation of sewer collector. The funding  sum of over 9 million hryvnyas. According
                                            was provided from the local budget. A       to the testing conducted, these pipes do not
                                            criminal case has been launched for         comply with GOST shown in the quality
                                            misuse of funds.                            certificate and are not suitable for use.

                                                The investigators of Department for         Therefore, the managers of the
                                            Economy Protection of the National Police   company knew about the disadvantages of
                                            of Nikolaev Region have discovered the      the products, put false information in the
                                            fact of embezzlement of public funds        documents and received payment from the
                                            during the contractor works.                public fund on the basis of the signed act of
                                                It has been established that in 2015
                                            Nikolaev Regional State Administration          Office for Criminal Investigation of
                                            announced a tender for recovery works in    Nikolaev Region launched a criminal
                                            the aftermath of the emergency situation    case, Part 5 Article 191 (embezzlement of
                                            on pressure sewer in one of the cities      public funds and criminal malpractice) of
                                            of Nikolaev Region. The contract with       the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Preliminary
                                            total value of 14.6 million hryvnyas had    amount of the damages is over 9 million
                                            been concluded with the winner of the       hryvnya.
                                            tender (according to the editorial, LLC
                                            “Ukrgazifikatsia South”).                       During the pretrial investigation the
                                                                                        circle of people linked to the embezzlement
                                                In November–December of 2015 the        of public funds will be established.
                                            parties signed acts of work completion
                                            and settled the accounts. However, it           The above mentioned criminal activity
                                            turned out that the materials supplied      prescribes imprisonment from 7 to 12 years
                                            by the contractor did not comply with       with deprivation of right to hold certain
                                            regulations.                                positions or get involved in certain activity
                                                                                        for 3 years and seizure of property.

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