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PLASTIC PIPES                                                       Dear Colleagues,
Industry information and analytical digest
                                                      Welcome to the latest issue of the PLASTIC PIPES Annual Digest in English
Publisher:                                        which showcases the most interesting articles published in our magazine
POLYPLASTIC Group                                 in 2016. Inside you will find market overviews and results from 2015 which
Editor-in-Chief:                                  proved to be the most difficult for the Russian plastic pipes industry and the
Miron Gorilovskiy                                 country’s economy as a whole. These overviews and the forecasts for 2016
Deputy Editor-in-Chief:                           might look irrelevant today as a year has passed, however, they will help you
Alexander Sazonov                                 to understand the reasons behind the market development and see that the
Project Manager:                                  forecasts were correct.
Mikhail Burenko
Art Director:                                         2016, despite its problems and difficulties, has been better than 2015,
Rustam Usmanov                                    primarily because it did not have so much uncertainty and unpredictability to
Layout & Design                                   deal with. The market fall turned into a gradual decline – which may in turn
Illarion Kutuzov                                  signal that stabilisation and further growth is not far away.
Production Editor:
Alexander Sazonov                                     The appearance of (still rare) large-scale internal investment projects
Editorial Board:                                  supporting the market, and the prospect of more of these projects in the
Kirill Trusov, Yekaterina Krivosheina,            future, gives grounds for cautious optimism.
Maxim Baranovskiy
Translation:                                          The second half of 2016 saw the first examples of successful concessions
Albina Koshmambetova                              where private partners invest in the restoration of utility networks. This is
                                                  very reassuring. We can now hope that this trend will develop in the coming
Address:                                          year and become one of the market drivers when outside investment is not
18, Ochakovskoye Shosse,                          forthcoming.
Moscow 119530 Russia
Tel. +7 (495) 745 6857 ext. 3125                      There has also been success at last in our fight against counterfeit
E-mail:          products. At least two suppliers of pipes made from unsuitable raw materials
Circulation: 2000                                 were fined, one of them for a sum of over 40 million roubles (nearly 600,000
                                                  Euro). We will continue this fight and make good use of the experience gained
Editorial Council:                                during these hearings.
Miron Gorilovskiy
President of POLYPLASTIC Group                        Yes, the old problems hampering the development of our industry still
                                                  exist. Deficit of lending resources, low effective demand, chronic under-
Igor Gvozdev                                      financing in infrastructure will all still be experienced in 2017. But there are
Director of PLASTIC R&D Center                    hopes that 2017 can become a game-changer and perhaps in the second half
                                                  we will see clear indicators of growth.
Vladislav Kovriga
Director of R&D Department of Zavod AND               The key is to believe in yourself and your strength.
Oleg Morozov                                         Miron Gorilovskiy,
Director General of VNIIST Institute                 Editor-in-chief
Viktor Semenov
Director General of
VNIPIenergoprom Association
Yuriy Tabunschikov
President of Russian Association of Engineers
for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Heat
Supply and Building Thermal Physics (ABOK)
Alexander Shmelev
Deputy Director General

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