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Industry news                                                          PLASTIC PIPES 2017


K oncesii vodosnabzheniya (Water supply concessions)
       has been acknowledged the best project in housing
and utility sector of Russia in 2015. The company had won
ROSINFRA, the prestigious national award in infrastructure.
The award has been granted for the amount of the reported
and confirmed investment, the structure of the investment
programme and advanced technological solutions which have
been implemented in water and sewer networks in Volgograd.

Emergency replacement of the networks in large scale using             industry information and analytical digest
modern technologies is being done for the first time. The
reconstruction of large section of the main pipeline at the
central embankment is being carried out for the first time in
Volgograd. The renovation of this important site will increase
the quality and reliability of the water supply in the central part
of the city. Moreover, inter-district networks at Voroshilovkiy,
Traktorozavodskiy, Kirovskiy and Krasnoarmeiskiy districts of
Volgograd are repaired. It should be noted that the company
developed a two-years’ programme, which will help to
significantly reduce the wear of water pipelines from 80 to 55%.

    The scale and consecutive work on improvement of the
communal sector was started on the initiative of the Governor
Andrey Bocharov. The private investment has been used for
the improvement of water supply and disposal for the first
time. Koncessii Vodosnabzheniya, according to the investment
programme, is planning to invest 7.5 billion roubles into the central
cold water supply system within the next 2.5 years and 58 billion
roubles within the next 30 years upon the concession agreement.

    ROSINFRA Award was initiated by the Centre for
Development of Public-Private Partnership with the support
of Trade and Industry Chamber of the Russian Federation and
Delovaya Rossiya in 2013. It is awarded to the best and most
successful projects in public-private partnership. The best
implementation practices are further implemented in other
parts of the country.

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